Can You Keep A Secret: Sophie Kinsella’s Delightful Read – Book Review

‘Can you keep a secret, even if we meet again?’

can you?


Emma Corrigan, a young woman with an enormous heart and an irrepressible spirit, carries a handful of little secrets close to her chest. These are the sort of secrets she’s never imagined sharing with anyone—until, unexpectedly, she spills them all to a complete stranger on a plane. Little did she know that the stranger wasn’t just anyone; he turns out to be none other than Jack Harper, the CEO of the company she works for. Suddenly, every embarrassing and humiliating detail she shared during her mid-air confessions is vividly replaying in her mind as she faces the reality of her unexpected revelation to the top boss. The stage is set for a rollercoaster of hilarious mishaps, unexpected twists, and the inevitable complications that follow when personal secrets collide with the professional world.

My Thoughts

Absolutely loved this one! From the very first page to the last, I was hooked. It’s such a delightful, light-hearted read, and Emma’s character is incredibly relatable – her everyday moments had me nodding along, thinking, “Yep, been there.” Falling in love with her and the connections she forms with Jack, her family, and friends was inevitable.

Caught wind of the movie and had to check it out for a cozy Sunday afternoon watch. It was fun, but let’s be real, the book takes the cake with its detailed charm and lively dialogue. Always the case, right? Can’t beat the magic of a good book!


Sophie Kinsella, a master of lighthearted romcoms, has undoubtedly made a significant mark in the literary world. Widely recognized for her bestselling novel “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” which also saw a successful adaptation into a major movie, Kinsella has proven her knack for weaving tales that balance humor, romance, and relatable characters.

Beyond the shopaholic confessions, Kinsella boasts an impressive repertoire of 111 books, showcasing her versatility as an author. Her works extend beyond the realms of romance, exploring various facets of contemporary fiction. Known for her witty and engaging writing style, Kinsella’s novels often serve as delightful escapes into worlds filled with humour, charm, and, of course, a dash of romance.

For fans of her work, diving into the extensive collection of 111 books promises an abundance of heart warming stories and entertaining adventures. Whether you’re drawn to the laughter-inducing mishaps of her heroines or the enchanting worlds she crafts, Sophie Kinsella remains a go-to author for those seeking a delightful literary escape.


In conclusion, Sophie Kinsella continues to enchant readers with her signature blend of humour, romance, and relatable characters. From the iconic “Confessions of a Shopaholic” to her extensive collection of 111 books, Kinsella has proven herself as a maestro of light hearted romcoms. Her witty and engaging writing style transports readers into delightful worlds filled with laughter, charm, and, of course, a touch of romance.

For fans and newcomers alike, the vast array of her works offers an abundance of heart warming stories and entertaining adventures. Sophie Kinsella’s novels are more than just reads; they are escapes into captivating realms where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. With each turn of the page, Kinsella’s storytelling prowess invites readers to embrace the joy, laughter, and romance that her narratives so expertly deliver.

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