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Self Published Book Reviews

Are you a self published Author? Is your book an Amazon self Published book? That’s amazing! I myself am close to publishing my first ever book and im nervous about the response it will get. I know when its officially published I would love to hear peoples thoughts on it. Book reviews are the best way to read peoples thoughts and feelings on your book, the writing and the characters.

Why Are Book Reviews So Important?

Book reviews are so important for book sales, because without someone telling you their opinion on the book, you have no idea what you’re going to read, a lot of people know what they’re looking for when they’re picking a book, so reading more opinions on the book can be very helpful when they are deciding to read it or not.

Would you like an honest online book review on my website to share with your audience?

What Do You Offer?

Here at we offer a range of different book reviews, all completely honest and we like to link the book to the amazon links so people who would like to read the book, can buy it straight away, no fuss. So if you have your book reviewed on my website, you will be able to share it and allow people to make a decision on if they’d like to buy your book. People who view my site will have acess to my review.

Once the review is posted, I will then advertise it on my social media, like I do with every book review I upload.

How Much Would It Cost?

I am charging just £25 per book review! I have seen others charging a lot more, but for now I thought I would stick to this price. I really do love to read and I would love to read new authors books, I can connect with you all on a level because I love reading and writing and its all very exciting.

What Genre?

I am open to reading all Genres, although I have to say my favorites are young adult, romance, chick-lit, humor and some thrillers/horrors.

How Do We Pay?

I will link my PayPal email below, send me over a written email, with the details of your book, and a link to read the book. I am open to either paperback or kindle, however, if you could send me a copy of your book that would be amazing, as I can advertise it on my social media too that way, but taking pictures and doing stories.

Send me details of your social media’s too, if you would like me to advertise that as well, along with the book review. I can link it all in the review.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or questions you have.


I look forward to hearing from you all, and I hope my book reviews really come in handy for you 🙂



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Instagram – xjayde97

Here are a few of my recent book reviews if you’d like to have a little read – CLICK HERE




  • Rika

    What a wonderful idea and service to offer.  I am contemplating writing an e-book myself and was looking for ways to get it shared with the world.  I am busy doing some research before I get started with my e-book.

    How popular are e-books at the moment?  Is there still a market for it?

    Do I understand you correctly.  You will review my book and give some feedback, write an Amazon review, link my book on Amazon and share it to your social media accounts?

    If you link my book on Amazon how will I get the payment for it?

    How strong are your social media accounts at the moment?

    Thanks for a great post and service.

    Have a great day! 

    • Jayde

      So I review your book on my website, and I share it to my social media accounts, I have an instagram account with over 11k followers and its growing everyday.

      I link the amazon link into my reviews so people can buy your book from amazon.
      Yes E-books are very popular, as well as kindle books.

  • Steve Crozza

    One of my dreams is to write a book and have it published. I even made enquiries about the process only to find it too daunting, but to have the ability to self publish is fantastic option and may be the clincher in the whole process.

    Back to your story, providing reviews of books being self published is wonderful. By having a professional writer review a book, my book, and provide honest feed back is, as you say, daunting.

    As a potential author, I must say that buyers being able to read a review of my book by a third party is exactly what I would want. In my mind any self publishing author would want buyers to know that when they buy the book they will be receiving value for money. That is a big thing!

    I also like the idea of my book being advertised on your social media, because my social media is virtually non-existent!

    I hardly even know what social media sites are available except for the big one (yes I know about Facebook) but I do not have many friends, or connections.

    Your service sounds like an invaluable tool to me, especially as I too would be a first time publisher. I would also expect that experienced book writers who have published many times would value a service like this.

    As I am a bit of a “penny pincher” I do not like to spend money unless it is vital.

    In publishing my own book, then I would be more than happy to pay your fee, as it sounds quite reasonable. I am happy to say this because I did read a few of your reviews, and was excited about the books involved.

    My only concern is that you appear to have only one method for us to pay, something that does not bother me as I am prepared to open a Paypal account. Would there be an option to pay by credit card, or some other means for others who may desire such an option?

    • Jayde

      Hi! Yeah I agree writing a book and getting it published is a lot to process, but I find kindle direct publishing on amazon is a great tool to use, very easy

      I am open to other payments, whatever is easiest for you guys 🙂
      Good luck on your writing and im looking forward to hearing from you again 🙂

  • Lok Which

    Great service to offer. I’m looking at publishing my first ever book “Fight for a right life” soon. Reviewing for 25 bucks is a very great deal and I hope you won’t increase it anytime soon cos my book is still in the editing phase. With review from your site, my book will get an initial exposure that can go a long way in helping my book.

  • mzakapon

    Hi, Thanks for sharing wonderful idea of providing service offer and I am going to follow your strategy in my niche site too. I am researching for affiliate marketing and found that reviews, comments and ratings are very important for niche sites and also for a digital product. I would not even know that self published book review can be got easily if I did not read your article. I will definitely come to you again when I need good quality review. 

  • Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Just feeling so relieved to hear that there is a website like this. I am working on my first ever ebook, with an aim to publish it on Amazon and other online stores. So I was just looking for someone who could correct me before I make it official for sale. Having your review, will help me a lot and also by linking your website visitors to my ebook, that will greatly help in making sales. 

    I have bookmarked your website and I will contact you through your email when I am done, probably end of January 2019

    Thank you so much

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