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Book Review For Thirteen Reasons Why – Hannah Baker Here

Author – Jay Asher

Book Review for Thirteen Reasons Why

One day when Clay arrives home, he receives a box on his door step full of mysterious tapes, with his name written on the front of the box. When he gets inside his bedroom, he opens the box, to discover they are from his classmate, crush, Hannah Baker, who recently decided to take her own life.

When he starts listening to the first tape, he discovers that Hannah has a tape for every reason as to why she decided to take her own life, there are 13 reasons why. She made sure the box has been delivered to everyone whose name is on these tapes.

Clay has to listen on to discover why he has received these tapes.


I would give this a 5 Star rating.

My Thoughts

This book is well written, and as I have a passion for writing, I look up to Jay Asher, for being able to write so well, I hope one day I have a book out there that is as well written as this one.

When it flicks back from Clay speaking, to Hannah speaking in the tapes, you can clearly tell the difference which is great because in some books, that can be a difficult thing to do, it can become confusing, but I wasn’t confused by this book at all, its written clearly.

Throughout the story, I felt it was easy to connect with the characters emotions which is one of the main reasons I felt connected as I was reading.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I have a lot of reasons why I enjoyed this book, I could write 13 for you… ha. But I won’t.

The main thing I loved about this book was Clay (the main character), I mean how could you not? After reading from his point of view throughout I feel I really connected with him and his emotions. The love he expresses for Hannah is beautiful and tragic all at the same time, it has you spiraling through different emotions as he does. Clay is someone you want to hear from, you want to share his emotions and this is the main reason as to why I enjoyed this story so much.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

If you are looking for a gripping story, a book you don’t want to put down, then this is definitely the book for you. It’s a real page turner. I would say this book is targeted for young adults.

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend this book, and I would even read it again myself. This book has a major story behind it and it shows awareness for a lot of serious issues that happen in real life today, and I think that’s a good thing because it helps people notice these issues now in real life, and maybe this book could help save someone or help someone notice certain signs in someone they know.




  • Pamela Muir

    I didn’t start reading books until late in life, when I find a book that has gripped my attention, I am unable to put it down and become unsociable.
    Your thoughts about books are gripping, and you obviously a writer which I am not. Well done keep going, all the best.

  • Ryan Sun

    I am a book reader since teenager for a few years back, but now only a few chance to read book, anyway, looking your site is quite new and saw a post only. Keep it up and all the best.
    By the way, if you want, you can include “Contact” page in your main menu.

    My site you can have a look too…
    Ryan Sun

  • Nicole

    Oh I love it so far!! I will be back to visit when you have more reviews up.

    Maybe we can link for a content collaboration?

    Great work so far, best of luck! 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Hi Jayde, thanks for a good book review. My daughter was watching this on her tablet when we were going to Tenerife last year but I don’t think she has read the book.

    I am a great reader and love books. I have read a lot of different authors and have to say that after reading your report, I like the sound of this book so will need to add it to the books I already have to read.

  • pmbaluka2016

    I have read many life changing books in the past and still do even now. This seems like a great book and I look forward to read it too. I’d love to read many reviews here in future. You seem to have started well enough and am sure this website will help many people around the world. 

    Wishing you the best in all you do.

  • Rudolph

    Thats a short and sweet book review. I was hoping to know more about the plot and about the characters. But like you said, its a gripping tale and this has generated an interest in me to read it now. I am more of non-fiction, psychology book reader. But I don’t mind fiction books which can keep you on the edge and not leave it until I finish. If this is worth the read, I will come back to your site and read more of your reviews. 

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