Book Review For The Sky Is Everywhere – It Begins At Your Feet

Author – Jandy Nelson

Book Review For The Sky Is Everywhere

Lennie Walker, aged 17, loves her older sister Bailey to pieces and lives in her shadow, they do everything together and share everything, well that’s what Lennie thought anyway.

When Bailey died abruptly, it hits Lennie really hard and she doesn’t think she can go on living without her big sister by her side, until she finds herself in a love triangle that catches all her attention, helping her think about something else for a while.


I would give this 4 stars.

My Thoughts

Jandy Nelson moves you in ways you would never expect with this book, it’s gripping, beautiful and sad all in one.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I love a book that can keep me laughing and I didn’t stop laughing throughout this book which I think is beautiful considering it has sad parts to the story as well. It keeps your emotions balanced. Instead of a sad, dull book, you are given excitement and laughter.

The romance and love triangle kept me excited throughout and I was looking forward to finding out the outcome. I felt connected to this part of the story, which kept me gripped until the very end.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

if you want a book that makes you laugh, cry and smile all in one go then pick this book up now and get reading! Connect with Lennie and by the end, you’ll feel like she’s someone you’ve always known.

Overall Thoughts

By the end of this book, I was laughing, crying and smiling all in one go. It was written extremely well and Jandy Nelson is now in my favorite author list.





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  • Brandon

    Thank you for the review on this book. I love reading and am always looking for new recommendations for a book to read.

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