Book Review For The Girl On The Train – More Than Just A Girl On The Train

Author – Paula Hawkins

Book Review For The Girl On The Train

Rachel catches the same train every day. She concentrates on the row of houses that she passes every day. Starting to notice the family who lives instead of one. She calls them ‘Jess’ and ‘Jason.’

She has this idea that they live a perfect life and she wonders why hers can’t be that perfect, until one day something happens that changes everything forever.

Suddenly she gets the opportunity to become part of their life. They soon discover that she’s more than just a girl on the train.


I would give this a 5-star rating.

My Thoughts

This story exciting me, the plot kept me interested throughout. It’s a real page-turner. I was constantly hoping to know more and it kept giving me new information but not enough for me to put the book down and not read on. I was piecing together the plot as I read along.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

You start to have a love-hate relationship with the characters and you’re excited to see what happens to them all in the end. I enjoyed not knowing all the way through then finally getting answers at the end.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

If you are looking for a suspense thriller that’s going to keep you guessing and excited all the way through then this one is for you.

Overall Thoughts

There’s no way you would start this book and not want to finish till the very end, you would just be left with so many unanswered questions if you did that. It’s far too exciting.







  • Darcy

    Oh, wow the Girl on the Train! I have not read the book, but wanted to see the movie so badly when it first came out. I am a real scardy cat when it comes to thrillers though, so I havn’t watched it yet, Silly enough, I had no idea it was based on a book. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think I will give it a read before watching the film.

  • Nicola

    I love this book, one of my favourite reads over the past few years. Actually read it on holiday so managed to finish it in 2 days as was a real page turner. Love the fact the chapters are short so you can always squeeze another quick one in to find out what happens next. Absolutely loved the suspense throughout. I’m in a book club and this was the recommended book, we all loved it. We then organised a trip to the cinema to watch the film when it was released. Really glad I read it first but great movie too.

  • cpascal

    The premise sounds interesting, although I haven’t read the book. It sounds as though the girl began to envy people whom she didn’t know or know anything about, except for where they lived. If the book is a thriller, it also sounds as if their lives weren’t as nice as the girl imagined. I’ve met people like this girl myself. People who barely knew me, yet imagined me as having a completely different life than I actually have. It’s creepy. Has anybody else encountered these type of people?

  • cheriri

    Thanks for the review and sharing your thoughts on this book. I enjoyed reading it as it’s straight to the point and by the end you know whether you’ll like the book or not. The story definitely made me curious about this and want to read it now as it seems like a binding book, difficult to put down. That’s the type of books that I like! 

  • Ben

    Hello! I actually saw this book on a bookshelf a few months ago, and I was wondering if the story was good. I didn’t see the adaptation made on screen, but as you advertised and as the reviews generally say, it seems like an interesting book to purchase. I will read the book before watching the movie – as I always do to compare – but I feel pretty confident with what you said on this review. Thanks!

  • mathieu

    I like, when Im reading a book, to be obsess with the story. I like when I can’t put the book down for 5 minutes because I’m too much in the story.

    The way you explained that book remind me few books that I read and did the same, a real page turner. 

    The story seems pretty intriguing. It can be related to our own life, because we are more than just a person on a train.

    I didn’t read that book yet and you know what? You gave me the opportunity to know that book and I will read it, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the share and I look forward for other reviews


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