Book Review For The Beach House – Summer Holiday Gone Wrong

Author – R.L. Stine

Book Review For The Beach House

Terror on the beach, the sun is hot, the water is cold. The kids are cool, too cool to stay alive.

As a killer stalks them all one by one, he leaves no clues behind. Suddenly disappearing once his work is done, with not even a footprint left in the sand.


I gave this 5 stars.

My Thoughts

I’m not usually into horror fiction, but this book gripped me from the very beginning, and I couldn’t put it down all the way through. If I could have sat and read this in one day I would have. I like the dynamic of the close group of friends.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I loved the humorous side to it as well, it kept the story light and entertaining. What gripped me all the way through was the flashbacks, explaining what happened. It’s set in two different settings, 1956 and 1996. You were given a little each time, but not enough to understand the full story. It left you always wanting more.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone looking for a horror story, with light humor to it. A book that leaves you with excitement, suspense, and laughter.

Overall Thoughts

This is a fun, easy to read a horror that I enjoyed very much. It was light but still gave me the goosebumps you expect with a horror story.







  • Thabo

    The moment you mentioned that the book is horror I was scared already. I use to enjoy fiction for horrors before and even movies. I now read non-fiction books and watch comedy instead. This book seems very interesting though since it has a bit of comedy. I think it may not be bad for me overall.

  • sarah

    What an amazing review, I really love the way you have written in in a very understandable way. Reading reviews helps us all to choose books and even any other product. Thank you so much for your review. Gaining some expert’s opinion is really helpful and important. I really like the way you have mentioned each and every point in headings, looking forward for more reads and reviews from you.

  • Greg

    This book sounds like a fun read. Who was your favorite character and why? Do you think this would please die hard horror fiction fans as much as casual readers? Thank you for the review, I probably wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise.

  • Vivi

    Thanks for this, I have been struggling about finding the perfect book for the imminent summer and you’ve just helped me make up my mind!
    Will be getting it soon.

  • Ian

    You can’t beat a good horror read. I haven’t read as much as I used to, life gets in the way these days, but I would like to for sure.

  • stefan

    Hi ,
    I m not such a horror imagination but you presented your book very clear and to the point !
    My sister is a horror ideas lover and I think that I will share your site here !
    Good bye .

  • Cristy

    I absolutely LOVE horror books and/or movies, but it’s so hard to find a really good one anymore. Thanks for the review. I will have to check this one out for sure!

  • Kenny

    Hi and thanks for sharing this book with us and giving us an insight into why you found it a good read. I have always been a keen book reader since my teens. I will look at this book and also other parts of your site to see what else you recommend. I think you write in a very analytical way but also connect with your audience. Many thanks Kenny

  • Joo

    The 5 stars really caught my attention, the way you described the book, really has me interested. ‘Not enough to understand the full story’ sounds like a very skilled and talented writer. 

    I enjoy horror stories, among other stuff. Oh my son is going to love this too. I’ll be checking out this book. Thanks for the great review.

  • Josh

    This book sounds scary just from reading the fact that there’s a stalker killing people. I’m not a huge fan of any type of horror personally, while I don’t like horror the addition of light humor might make this bearable for me.

    It’s crazy how books can piece together flashbacks to build a backstory while also proceeding forward with the main story it’s pretty impressive!

    Thanks for the review!

  • Maria

    Reading is a good option to spend free time, but I don’t like horror fiction. I don’t really know if I will take this book. I prefer Mystery, Romance, not Horror. As always, you made a very useful quick review. Your reviews are good enough to make decisions about what we want and decide to read. Thank you for sharing this review.

  • ericliboiron

    Hi There,

    i just read your horror article u have given an amazing review, you represented it in very good way.I really love the way you have composed in a very interesting way. Everything is mention in a good way.I love horror movies and book sometimes. i will love to read other reviews too 


  • Samson Oklobia

    Another wonderful review Jayde, i always look forward to your reviews to guide my selection of books to read and you have not let me down yet. I think i will go for this one for my January read, i have my hands full with a few of your suggestions already but i am looking forward to this one. I think it will make a wonderful read, especially the humorous angle you mentioned the writer took the story through. Cheers

  • Heather

    I’m a big fan of horror movies, but I never tried this type of books – ironically. 

    Well, your review really made me curious about the end. Is the killer discovered in the end? Was he someone familiar with the victims? Did he have any reason behind?

    I guess I will only find these answers within the book 🙂

    Congrats for not revealing the whole story – in this way, you made me want to read The Beach House myself.

  • Stratos K

    I love horror fiction books among others and since Christmas days are coming and I am looking for nice books to spend some quality reading this one seems a nice option to consider. I will add this to the list of books I am considering. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Tom

    This sounds like an interesting read.  I love books that suck you in so much that you don’t want to stop reading.  A book that goes back and forth between two time periods however, if done right can draw you in even more.  My only concern is that if the different time periods aren’t elaborated upon each time that I may get “lost” a bit.  I read when I am in bed and and sometimes only read a few pages at a time before getting too sleepy to continue.  This may be confusing the next night when I pick up where I left off.

  • Sujandar Mahesan

    The Beach House – Summer Holiday Gone Wrong Sounds like a book for me. Horror fiction is one of my favourite genres in reading books. The other two are Mystery suspense and Romance. You have given a good rating for this book and also the price is affordable for me. 

    Thank you for sharing this review about the book.

  • julienne murekatete

    Thank you for this review on the beach house.I can’t hide it ,you are a good book reviewer.I like the way you organise your review so that anyone have insight of the book.

    I am a lover of horror story and I am going to read this book.It seems very interesting even if horror stories make me scared.

    Good job

  • Jay

    This book reminds me of several horror movies that I have watched. A group of friends go to a beach house or a secluded environment probably just to have fun for one night and then a killer ends up taking them out one after the other. These movies were pretty scary.

    This would definitely be a fun read as they have introduced humor into a tragic tale. This makes it more enticing to read and has definitely gotten my attention.

  • mzakapon

    Great article with another book review about The Beach House – Summer Holiday Gone Wrong. Sometime I like to tell horror story to my close friends and family member and I am going to check out this book also for my great collection. I can not wait if this is not a part of series and I believe my sister will also like it. I am going to share your article with her. Thanks for your great review in this article.

  • Seun Afotanju

    A great short review on a book like this makes me want to take a look although horror movies are my kind so making this book on my must read, thanks for sharing this book although work time is not going to allow me read it the way i want to but trust me when i say im getting this book at any cost..

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