Book Review For Promise You Won’t Tell – Coincidence Or Crime?

Author – John Locke

Book Review For Promise You Won’t Tell

“I think something happened to me on Saturday, something bad.”

Private investigator Dani Ripper’s client list is crazier than the looney tunes conga line. But she’s still patiently waiting for a game changer.

Enter 17-year-old Riley Freeman.

On Saturday afternoon, Riley placed a strawberry sticker on her private area, pretending it was a tattoo. Not telling anyone about it. That same night, she went to a slumber party which consisted of boys and plently of alcohol. She fell asleep that night, then woke up the next morning with no reason to expect anything had happened.

… Until Monday at school, when her new nickname was strawberry.


I gave this 5 stars

My Thoughts

This was a light but enjoyable read. You think it will be a simple read but in fact, it’s full of major twists that leave you shocked. Not just the one either, there’s plenty to keep you going till the very end.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

This book isn’t one of the mystery books that will leave your brain hurting but the end, It’s fun and easy to engage with. It’s written from the private investigator’s point of view which I liked, I was expecting it to be written by Riley’s point of view. It’s not a typical high school story.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone looking for a book that is funny, leaves you wanting to know more throughout and has exciting plot twists to keep you engaged with what’s going on, then this is the right pick for your next read.

Overall Thoughts

This is a light mysterious book that made me laugh and kept me engaged right till the very end.







  • Chris

    Hi there!

    I’m actually struggling to figure out if this book is more a thriller or a comedy based read…or maybe both!

    I have heard of the author, John Locke before, but this is the first review I’ve seen on his work. Do you think this sort of story would be suited to a geek like me who tends to lean more towards thrillers and horrors in his reading collection?

    I like the idea of the plot but I’m a little worried I’m getting into comedy territory (which is NOT my kinda thing!). 

    Thanks for your response in advance,


  • Alenka

    This sounds like an interesting book. 

    I will put it on my list of the books to read for this year!

    Dani Ripper’s character seems really interesting and she does lead an unpredictable life. 🙂

    What was you favorite part of the book? Does it closely compare to any of the Agatha Christie’s books? 

    Do you have any suggestions for the new books in 2019?

  • Jurgen

    Thanks for the advice on this book. I’ve recently finished “Lethal People” from the same author. If you haven’t read that one, I can highly recommend it!

    Have you checked any of his Donovan Creed novels? If you like the more mysterious CIA stuff you’re gonna like these.

    Will be getting this one asap for my Amazon Kindle!

  • Riaz Shah

    I love John Locke’s books, I’d say he is a master of thrills! In all of his books, I just can’t seem to stop reading, I get hooked to the story and before I know it, it’s already late night. I’ve heard good things about Promise You Won’t tell and after reading your review, I feel tempted to get this book too. 

    I know I’m not supposed to ask this but which part’s your favourite?

  • Sharon Whyte

    This definitely sounds like an interesting read and one I would look at.  Going by many of the other people’s comments the author sounds like a favorite amongst many so I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for other books by him.  Summer is round the corner and I must say I love a good read when holiday at the beach!  Thanks heaps for your reviews, they are really helpful.

    Cheers, Sharon

  • Evald

    Hello there,

    This article came just in time as I was looking forward to new and exciting book and so far, after reading Your review it definitely caught my attention! Like You’ve mentioned, this book is ”fun and easy to engage with”, which is a very pleasing thing to know and huge plus for me personally! At the moment I am not looking for something that would require a lot of hard thinking and ” detailed investigation” in my mind, but rather somethimg more simple which woudl allow me to instantly go with the flow. Thanks for great review and keep up the good work! 

  • Daniel

    I must say that I like mysterious books and this one looks very interesting and exciting and I think that it is worth reading. Christmas is in front of us and I think that this book will e perfect present for my mother. She like to read this kind of books and I will back to say the thoughts.

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