Book Review For Pretty Little Liars – Cause Two Can Keep A Secret, If One Of Them Is Dead

Author – Sara Shepard

Book Review For Pretty Little Liars

3 years ago, Alison disappeared after a slumber party, not to be seen again. Her friends at Pennsylvania school mourned her, but they also breathed a secret sigh of relief. Each of them guarded a secret that only Alison knew about.

Now they have other dirty secret’s that could sink them in their gossip – hungry world. When each of them begin receiving anonymous emails and text messages, panic starts to set in.

Are they being betrayed by someone in their circle? Or worse, is Alison back?

Rating For Pretty Little Liars

I gave this 4 stars

My Thoughts

I loved the series on TV so I was super happy to know there was a book series, and had to start it to see if there were any differences, as the book came out first. There are in fact a good few differences, which im glad about because I don’t like to know what’s coming. It kept it exciting, the suspense kept me reading and guessing what was about to happen.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

The girls are enjoyable characters to read about, and I loved the suspense, getting to learn all the secret’s bit by bit. Each girl has a unique personality.

Aria – Unique style, and a free spirit.

Emily – Quirky, sporty, and questioning her sexuality.

Hanna – New queen bee, insecure inside.

Spencer – Over achiever, would do anything to impress her family.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone who loves a young adult mystery story. If you loved the series you’ll enjoy the books just as much.

Overall Thoughts

The mystery and suspense will have you turning the pages, until the very end, and you’ll want to pick up the next book straight away.

Pretty Little Liars – Book in Order

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  • Chris

    I actually started watching the series related to this book online about a month ago – it wasn’t really my choice, more my partner’s, but it’s not a bad story/plot at all so far! 

    Would you say the big screen version of this story is better/more developed than the original book…or do you feel the novel has a lot more mystery and suspense about it?

  • Norman

    There is nothing like sitting down and reading a good book or story where you are so caught up that you get totally lost. I have been there before getting totally lost in a good book what you are sharing is really good and I am sure that your readers will love the book review that will help them.

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