Book Review For Kiss Me – Keatyn Chronicles

Book Review For Kiss Me (Book 2)

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Keatyn has always written scripts for her perfect life. But no way could she ever have scripted this. Her life is far from perfect.

She’s at a boarding school where she has to lie about who she is. She can’t see her family. She’s tutoring a Hottie God who tortures her with his smile, and the popular girl already hates her.

But there’s this boy…

This hot, sweet, sexy boy.

So she’s going to try to stop scripting her life and just live it. Who knows how much longer she’s got left anyway.


I gave this 5 stars

My Thoughts

Such an amazing series, I couldn’t put the book down. I read it so quickly.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

Dawson is adorable. It’s frustrating that she won’t just be with him already, what’s she waiting for? She needs to forget all about Aiden. It’s one of them reads that leaves you shouting through the pages at the characters, and for me, they’re the best kind because you connect better with what’s going on. I really got into the story.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

If you are a sucker for a romance film or book, then this series is a must read.

Overall Thoughts

It has everything, romance, suspense, mystery, friendship goals and so much more.






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