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Book Review For Invisible – Invisible (1)

Author – Cecily Anne Paterson

Book Review For Invisible

Jazmine Crawford doesn’t make decisions. She doesn’t make choices. She doesn’t make friends. Jazmine Crawford only wants one thing: to be invisible. For Jazmine, it’s a lot easier to take out her hearing aid and drift along pretending that nothing’s wrong than it is to admit that she’s heartbroken. She starts to come out of her shell when she’s forced to be in the school play and even makes friends with bouncy Gabby and chocolate-loving Liam. But can she stand up to the school bully, and is she strong enough to face the truth about what really happened to her dad?


I gave this 2 stars

My Thoughts

I read this book in July 2014 and I have to admit, I was disappointed. My type of book that I normally go for is young adult or romance, so that is why I found this book in the kindle store and decided to give it a read. In the synopsis they made it sound like an exciting story line, but in my opinion there is nothing big or exciting that happens. No big plot or story line that keeps you hooked.

I’m not here to lie and tell you I loved a story when I didn’t, just so you’ll buy it. Not everyone opinions are the same and you might love this book, all im here to do is tell you what I thought.

It wasn’t awful, I finished it, i just didn’t overly love it.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

It was written in a young, sweet girls point of view and I found her easy to read, she wasn’t overly whiny or annoying she was quite sweet. I liked reading about her outlook on life as a young girl who’s suffered quite a lot. I found the story line sweet because it was nice to see how a troubled teenage can turn her life around.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

If you like a book that is very realistic and an easy read, then this is the book for you.

My low rating is a rare one, as a lot of people have rated this book 5 stars, so if you think you might like it, give it a go, its got a good amount of good qualities.

Overall Thoughts

If you are thinking about reading this book, I recommend you don’t go into it with expectations that it’s going to be the most exciting book in the world. Instead, just start the book with an open mind and just simply enjoy the story line and try to connect with the characters. I found it easy to connect with Jazmine. I’m sure it will be an enjoyable story for you then, now you know what you’re expecting.


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