Book Review For In Your Eyes – Shelby’s Story

Author – Barbara Speak

Book Review For In Your Eyes

Jase was the bully that tortured me growing up, the kind of boy who would pull my pigtails and call me names in school. He was never supposed to be anything more than a menace. He wasn’t supposed to be anything other than the definition of what I didn’t want.

Things don’t always turn out how we expected though do they?

You know me as Shelby, the eight-year-old girl who went through hell with my big sister, Ari, but now I have my own story to tell.

If you want to know more about the other characters involved in this story CLICK HERE to read the review for book one.


I gave this 5 stars

My Thoughts

I loved this book because I loved hearing the little sister Shelby’s story, her now, all grown up. From watching her as a little girl, battling through so much with her big sister, to now being all grown up and telling her own love story, with her big sister and Canyon around to look out for her still, it’s beautiful.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I really do love a love-hate romance, they’re the best kind because they make it that much more exciting. I also loved still hearing about Ari and Canyon because I got to know them so well in the first two books and I love the bond they had.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone who loved the first two books in this series would adore this one just as much, maybe even more. Someone looking for a beautiful romance with just the right drama.

Overall Thoughts

The Shelby story was unexpected, I was expecting the 3rd book to be able Ari and Canyon still, but I was happily surprised by this story plot. I loved Shelby just as much as I did Ari.






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  • Linsey Thornton

    Great review, love that you get right to your fact’s to tell us exactly what you think. I have a sister who we went through our fair share of battles so I love reading books I can sort of relate to.

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