Book Review For In Plain Sight – She’s Been Here The Whole Time

Author – Amy Sparling

Book Review For In Plain Sight

When Maddie Sinclaire’s mum moves in with her rich fiance’ her life goes from trailer parks to a pampered life of luxury on the rich side of town.

At school, everyone thinks she’s a new girl, with her designer wardrobe attracting the mean girls. Boys want her attention and girls want to be her friend.

Maddie finds herself crushing on Colby Jenson, and for the first time, the popular guy likes her back.

Colby grew up in his brother’s footstep. When Colby notices Maddie he wonders where she’s been all his life.

Just when things seem perfect, a secret from Maddie’s past comes to light, threatening to ruin her new perfect life.


I gave this 4 stars

My Thoughts

I am a sucker for a romance and the love between Maddie and Colby is beautiful and heartwarming. Young love is my all time favorite and this book is a perfect example of that.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

The plot had my attention the whole way through and I was emotionally connected. In some parts, I could relate to how Maddie felt when she felt like no one could see her, that feeling of being invisible, and it made me love her character even more.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

if you are looking for a quick and easy to read a romance set in high school, then this is the perfect book for you to read. You’ll fall in love with the characters and the relationships.

Overall Thoughts

The excitement of knowing there’s a secret coming, but not knowing what it is, will keep you gripped to the story the whole way through. As well as the love between Maddie and Colby, a girl who never used to fit in, being loved by a popular, misunderstood boy, its beautiful.





  • Anna

    It looks like a really interesting romantic story.
    Though I think that general idea of the story of a poor girl becoming in love with a popular kid is not new. Though I think what makes it different is that there is some Maddie’s secret that might make this story more spice and intriguing to read.

  • free4life

    Sounds like this book has all the ingredients of a great read. You have given us just enough to spark the interest and yet only enough to wet the appetite. While I have read books similar to this theme, I have yet to read this one, but based solely on your review I would be inclined to do so. 

    Thank you for the intriguing review. 

  • tim

    Sounds like this book make a good connection with you.  I see you gave this 4 stars…I was wonder if this is 4 out of 5 stars…or 4 out of 10 stars?  Also I am wondering what the intended age of the targeted audience this is aimed at?   Is this young adult novel?  it seems a little light on the page count of 201…is that average for a book like this.  This si not the genre I read so I was just wondering.

    Do you do most of your reading in book form or do you use Kindle?


    I can imagine the excitement of having a crush on someone, who reciprocates the feeling. It’s really magical, but now, it seems something is about to ruin the perfect picture? Now I got very anxious to find out what it could be.

    I’m also worried about whether those feelings are genuine, as they seem to stem from her designer wardrobe? I hope this story also reveals the genuineness of her new friends and life.

    I used to read these love stories when I was in secondary school, and this particular novel would have had be skip some few classes just to finish it. LOL.

    I enjoyed the read, thanks a lot.

  • LearnToEarn Admin

    Yes you are right, young love is always warming to the heart and it is always intriguing to find out how young teenagers will respond to being in love.

    My guess is that this will be a winner amongst the young teenage school and college students and young adults.

    Perhaps it would be beneficial to include the setting of the story, did it happen in the 14th Century and is it a great historical romance, or is it set in modern day with all the advantages of technology included in the adventure?

    I find it fascinating reading a story that took place several centuries ago and having to change my mindset to adapt to the fact that electricity was not the order of the day then and they had to use other means to keep a light burning at night.  Life was very different in those days and we can experience a very different encounter to how they used to handle things.  Many times we forget these simple differences and read the story with a mixed modern day concept which makes it unrealistic.

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