Book Review For I’ll Run To You – Friends Falling

Author – Nikki Vale

Book Review For Ill Run To You

Evelyn Woods is finally doing well for herself. She graduated from college, got a job as an accountant and found a place of her own. She just might be ready to completely move on with her life and forget all about Hunter Douglas. That is until he shows up at her favorite hangout spot and turns her life upside down.


I gave this 4 stars

My Thoughts

This story is exciting, with a few plot twists. It follows a friendship from childhood to a relationship as adulthood. I found this special to read as it’s not just your usual boy meets girl relationship. It grew from something special.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

It has the perfect amount of romance, with a bit of spice, and it kept me engaged from the start to the end.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone looking for a cute, heartwarming young adult read, this is one you need to pick up and read my friend.

Overall Thoughts

The story is sad, hot, heartwarming, all in one go, a great balance. I wish it was longer so I could read more. It contains some erotic content. It’s a romance with a bit of a twist, which kept me engaged all the way through.





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