Book Review For Hate Me – Keatyn Chronicles

Author – Jillian Dodd

Book Review For Hate me (Book 5)

Keatyn has been told that if she went away, the stalker would forget about her and lose interest, move on.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, her being gone has only made things worse for her family and friends. She made the monster angry.

So its time she starts to fight back and take things into her own hands.

‘Hey Vincent, you ready for some chaos?”


I gave this 4 stars

My Thoughts

I’m becoming a Keatyn Chronicles addict, no joke, I can’t get enough. This series is addictive, gripping, and just a-maz-ing!

Why I Enjoyed This Read

We finally get a whole book full of love between Aiden and Keatyn without any other boy drama. There’s plenty of drama, boys, parties, clothes, all the things you’d expect from a girly book series. Literally, love how Keatyn has developed, she’s like a new girl in this book.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Someone looking for a fun, girly series with lots of drama.

Overall Thoughts

Not just about Aiden and Keatyn’s love, Keatyn is finally taking over and fighting back. Causing a little bit of trouble. Read the series!! Now!!





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