Book Review For Come And Get Me – Keatyn Chronicles

Author – Jillian Dodd

Book Review For Come And Get Me (Book 6)

Keatyn’s crazy life finally comes together in one perfect script.

But does she get her old life back? Does she want it back?

If so, which life and which boy does she choose?


I gave this 4 stars

My Thoughts

The perfect ending to a perfect series. Full of gripping drama and shock waves, one big emotional roller coaster.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

Drama, romance, friendship, battles finally coming to an end. What more could you want for a final book? I loved watching Keatyn grow throughout the books to be a perfect young lady. She’s come a long way from being a spoilt brat in book 1. A lot of the battles she faced taught her a lot and helped her grow into a better person.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone who loves a romance, action-packed, fun series, this is your go-to series. Which boy? Ah, I have a stalker. So much fun to read.

Overall Thoughts

There was lots of laughter, crying, shock, so many up and down emotions, as it comes to an end. A lot of questions were answered for me, some I expected, and some that completely threw me off. This was everything I wanted and more for a final book.





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