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Book Review For Before I Fall – Beautifully Tragic

Author – Lauren Oliver

Book Review For Before I Fall.

Samantha Kingston is a popular high school teenager, in the popular group of ‘mean girls.’ She has everything she could want, a good-looking boy at her feet, friends, beauty, and money. The most important thing in her life is ‘cupid day’ and the approval of her boyfriend and friends.

That is until she dies in a tragic car accident.

However, she wakes up the next day with no idea that she’s died. She goes onto re-live her last day of her life, seven times. She begins to realize that her actions have consequences and affect others around her.


I would give this a sold 4 and a half stars.

My Thoughts

This is a beautifully tragic story, the type that leaves you ugly crying. I found a new love for the Autor Lauren Oliver with this book, she captures the most beautiful thoughts and emotions with this story, she has you questioning a lot of things you wouldn’t necessarily think about in everyday life. She has a beautiful way of expressing thoughts and feelings.

I watched the movie on Netflix after I read this book and I felt I connected with the main character a lot more in the book than the movie.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I enjoyed reading this because it made me emotional, crazy, thoughtful and content all in one go. The story behind it is powerful. I started to consider what could be different if I were to relive a day over and over again, every time you see something you see it a little different to the first time, for example, if you were to watch a movie over and over again, you would pick up something new every time. It’s the same for Samantha when she is looking at the same day over and over again.

The development in the main character is beautiful in this story. By the end of the book, she’s a completely different person and she sees the world through clearer eyes.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

If you are someone who is looking for a meaningful, tragic, beautiful, eye-opener that allows you to connect with the meaning behind the story, then this book is for you.

Overall Thoughts

There is so much more to this story than just reading about some typical high school mean girls. In some ways, you will connect with Samantha because we are all like her in some ways. If you were given time to revisit all your actions from the past, you’d always become a better person for it in the end. This story is a massive eye-opener and there’s a lot to the story that you’ll find beautiful and be able to connect with.

As you begin this book, you are very sure you don’t like Samantha, but trust me, by the end of the book, you’ll see her in a different light completely. After reading this book, you’ll find yourself thinking about it for a good while after. It will stick with you, it’s that powerful.







  • Paul

    To speak the truth, you actually caught my attention with the review. Personally I like books that is more in dept and more meaningful including everyday life.

    Thanks for sharing a amazing book to us. I hope after reading the books I will be spent sometime thinking at my life.

  • Dave Sweney

    Thanks for an excellent review of Before I Fall. This sounds like an excellent read, and I like you, often get so much more out of a book than a movie that may be made about the book. The author can really develop the characters and also add so much more color than a movie can.

    When I first read about the premise of the book, (re-living the last day seven times) I could not help but think of the Ground Hog Day movie I watched so long ago. Truly such a scenario allows for much introspection and lessons to be learned, some basic, some much more subtle.

    Most definitely I will be checking this book out, and largely it is because of the review that you have taken the time to publish for us all! Great stuff!  

  • Kabirat

    Hi Jayde, 

    It happens all the time when you think if it’s possible to turn back the hands of the clock one will make amends to some of your past actions.

    Our actions and in actions definitely affect those around us which is why we need to regularly check our actions and be quick to say sorry when necessary.

    I think Lauren is a great author who is able to capture the attention of her readers and make them totally involved in the book with great content.

  • Simon Renwick

    Hi Jayde,

    Thank you for this review. Although the genre may not be for me (I am more into biographies and self-help books. But this seems like it will be a perfect book for my girlfriend. I just have to decide whether I should show her your review so she can say yes/no or whether I should just surprise her with this book 🙂

    Thanks again


  • Michael

    This seems like a good book to read and this has a deeper meaning behind it all. you can have everything in life but how you described in the book about her actions which has an effect on everybody of her approval seeking and now she see all that in the afterlife, this book has aroused my curiousity more and I definitely want to read it, thanks for sharing

  • Samantha

    I enjoyed reading this because it made me emotional, crazy, thoughtful and content all in one go. The story behind it is powerful and educative on how we are in life, so it teaches me to be careful in one way or the other so that I should not regret about it later. I really love this story because of its enormous emotion capturing and teaching.

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