Book Review For All The Little Lights

Author – Jamie McGuire

Book Review For All The Little Lights

The first time Elliot Young blood spots Catherine Calhoun, he’s just a boy with a camera, and he’s never seen a sadder and more beautiful sight.

Both Elliot and Catherine feel like outcasts, yet they find an easy friendship with each other. But when Catherine needs him there, he’s forced to leave town.

When he finally returns, him and Catherine are two different people, he’s the star high school athlete, and she spends all her time working in her mums mysterious bed -and- breakfast. She hasn’t forgiven Elliot for leaving, but he’s determined to win her back.


I gave this 2 stars

My Thoughts

This book took a while to get into because it takes half of the book to actually get into any drama, and when it finally does, its not intense drama. The relationship wasn’t as intense as I like it to be either, it didn’t have me dying for them to be together.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

I did enjoy the friendship between Elliot and Catherine, even after they’d been apart for a good few years, they still managed to find each other again and love each other even more than before. Its quite beautiful.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone looking for a light story with a childhood friendship love that’s quite sweet to read, this is the book for you.

Overall Thoughts

I was expecting a lot more from the story than I got, im a little disappointed but just because I did’nt enjoy it as much as I expected doesn’t mean you won’t. Just make sure you don’t start reading this book with high expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised.





  • Kerry Fielding

    Hi.  I love books.  I am a bookworm.  I was a little sad to read your review on this book.  While I’m not into romance in a big way and much prefer to read psychological suspence, I will read anything with a great plot and substantive characters.  You say you liked the friendship of Elliot and Catherine.  What were they like as characters?  Do we ever find out what the mystery is behind Catherine’s mum’s bed and breakfast?

  • Michel

    For All The Little Lights sounds like a beautiful story line, and I think I would read this book as in the review you describe the book as not that exciting in the beginning. This suits me fine as I love light reading just before bed time, but I try not to read books that are so exciting that I can’t put them down, otherwise I tend to read all night and get no sleep.

    I leave those sorts of books for the holidays, so this book sounds perfect for me.

  • Chris


    This is a good article on “All The Little Lights”. You seem to brutally honest about it not being too exciting of a read. If you are trying to lead people to purchasing the book, you might consider adding a little bit more of the story and make your review a little more colorful. I know sometimes books can be drawn out or slow, yet I would highlight the better parts of the story and maybe give folks a cliffhanger towards the end of the review so they may buy the book to see how things end. Good article and keep writing!

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