Book Review For All I Want Is You – Forever And Ever

Author – E. L. Todd

Book Review For All I Want Is You (Book 1)

Cayson is in love with his best friend of over 20 years, Sky. They grew up together and spent every holiday together.

Keeping his feelings for her a secret hasn’t been easy for Cayson at all. Every time he see’s her with a new boyfriend he wants to punch his fist into a wall. But he could never tell her, the friendship is too good to ruin in his eyes. If he confessed, what would change? Could he lose Sky forever?

Everything does start to change however when he finds Sky at a party one night, drunk and incoherent. Unable to stand on her own, she’s easy prey. He takes her home but she doesn’t want to sleep, she wants him in ways she’s never wanted him before.


I gave this 4 stars but I would like to give it another half a star as I remember how beautiful it is.

My Thoughts

Love, love, love this story! The characters, the plot, the writing, everything aah! We all need a guy like Cayson in our life.

Why I Enjoyed This Read

The writer makes you feel the sweetness of falling in love over and over again. It’s emotional and heartwarming. I was sucked in from the very beginning. It’s beautifully written.

Who Would Enjoy This Read

Anyone looking for a sweet love story that isn’t your usual instant love storyline, this is for you.

Overall Thoughts

This story is better than I expected it to be, for the plot of the story. I have just realized that there are 45 books in this series! Oh my, I am so excited to carry on reading. I love a good long series to get into, especially when the first book was this good.



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