Book Club – Come Hang Out

Hi guys, this page is where I want you all to be able to come and hang out, chat about your favorite books and your own opinions because they matter! I would love to hear everyone thoughts. Join a community of readers, and feel part of something special.

HangoutWhat is Your Favourite Genre?

I’d love to know what everyone favourite Genre is, so I know which one to do more book reviews for.

What Is Your Favourite Book Of All Time That You’ve Read?

I read a lot of books but id love some ideas for my next read.

Give Me A Book You’d Love Me To Review Next

I do these book reviews for you all, so please let me know what books you’d love to read a review on and ill make sure to do that in my next plan.

Who Is Your Favourite Author?

Open my eyes up to some new Authors to read.

Thank You, For Being Here!

I hope my website comes in useful for you, if you have anything you’d love me to add, please let me know, any suggestions are welcome. Thank you all so much for visiting my website and reading my reviews, I hope I have helped you pick your next read.

Put your ideas for each topic down below in the comments, and I will read them all.

All The Best,




  • Sharon Whyte

    I quite enjoy personal development books and have read the late Jim Rohn’s in the past.  When I am on holiday I will read the odd trashy novel…lol.. to pass the time on the beach, or a good suspense book.  I probably do not read enough as I write alot for my own blog and also read others.  Do you review every/any type of genre on this site?

  • j52powell


    I love the idea you are going directly to your readers to get some ideas.

    I harken back to the realists like Hemingway, Steinbeck and Faulkner as my favorites.  For something a little more modern I can suggest Norman Mailer’s “Harlot’s Ghost” and “Ancient Evenings,” both pretty heavy reading.  For something lighter and more contemporary you might try any of the mystery novels by Andrew Klavan. 

    I hope some of these are suitable for you.



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